Two like Bonnie and Clyde
A mistery Story by T. Müller and S. Misiorny
B & S alias Bonnie & Clyde are dreaming about making a fortune, marrying in Las Vegas and enjoying their retirement in Latin America. Therefore they want to rob a bank. As easy as the ABC!

Eventually they are ending up in a former shoe storage, but that is not the worst for our wanna-be criminals. Even worse is, that S. has grabbed a shopping bag full of groceries instead of the haul. So they are going to have another try, but it’s little things that cause big problems, which is to say - a great competition with other bank robbers, opaque stocking masks and an empty petrol tank. Intensifying their rehearsals for robbing a bank though the follow-up attempts for making the big money fail miserably, too. At least Sharon' s story seems to have a happy ending which is rather a coincidence than a result of her intelligence. With "Two like Bonnie and Clyde " it will be hard to resist temptation of constant laughing :-)


Playing time: ca. 2 hours

Actors: Sabine Henn, Heinrich Kus


Hier gehts zur Theaterkasse.